Traditionally, you can take notes on papers when something needs to be recorded, but what could you do when you want to record anything on your computer screen? It must be a great choice to capture the screen as a video or take a screenshot of it. Now that your screenshot has been saved, it’s time to make sure it’s what you want it to be.

Most of us aren’t going to “upgrade” our Windows 10 systems. Microsoft, after confusing everyone about what hardware Windows 11 will or won’t run on, finally revealed what’s what. And, along the way it pulled back the curtain on why it’s doing this.

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Damage to your computer due to lack of compatibility is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In anticipation of the release, Microsoft has updated the end of support date for Windows 10, saying it will end support for the OS in 2025. The newest Windows operating system got a nice makeover, but we’re still waiting for Android-app compatibility and other game-changing features.

We realize this is a bit of a change, but this will ensure Windows Insiders have the best possible experience with Windows 11 Insider Preview builds on their PCs. We have set up a Microsoft Answers forum post here to address any questions Insiders might have. Kingston delivered compatible memory that met the performance goals of’s servers, extending the service life of their existing hardware. Memory is essential for a good PC gaming experience, but how much memory do gamers need.

  • Head to the Slide Show menu, and click the Record Slide Show button to start recording.
  • Just press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time and you will see the text “Saving to Screenshots” on the top side of the screen.
  • Some people may find this problematic as there is no way to guarantee the privacy of your captures.
  • Screenshots on Windows only require a few keystrokes to capture your screen display.

Open up Paint and press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot. You can also right-click and select Paste from the dropdown menu. The PrtSc key on the keyboard.The print screen key says “Print Screen,” “PrtSc,” or “PrtScn,” depending on your keyboard and country. It’s typically in the top right corner beside the final F12 key. Also, if you need to capture something with a timed delay, Snipping Tool is ideal. Click the clock icon in the toolbar and select a delay time in the drop-down menu that appears.

Alternatively, you can use the Snipping Tool using the Windows key + Shift + S or the dedicated Snipping Tool key, or through the Xbox Game Bar using the Windows key + G. You can use premade layouts within the application to create visual documentation, tutorials, and training materials. You can also create video from images, even talking and drawing over a series of screenshots to create short videos of Gifs. Alternatively, you can map your Print Screen button to open a different tool called Snip & Sketch.

Windows 11, the latest of Microsoft’s most hated Windows releases. Too soon?

Anyone is welcome to seek the input of our helpful community as they piece together their desktop. At the same time, from what you’ve said there’s no real reason not to update either so honestly if they’re on par it might be worth updating now to get it over with instead of doing it down the line. Only thing is though is to always do a clean install rather than a inplace upgrade. And I thought I read somewhere that it’s continuing to get updates until 2025, so that’s not a problem there. For the majority of people on W10, there’s not really any major reason to update. Aesthetics are slightly refreshed, some minor under-the-hood tweaks etc.

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So is it possible to revert back to Windows 11 after you’ve upgraded? Can a PC that came with Windows 11 be downgraded to Windows 10? Or maybe you’ve purchased a new computer or laptop that came with Windows 11, and you’re not a fan of the new operating system. Those who disliked the munging of application launch and search in Windows 10 will hate it all the more in Windows 11. It is easier to see potential commercial benefit for Microsoft, since search always uses Bing, than usability advantage.

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